If your site is relatively small, the purchase of small venues scenic spot amusement facilities will help your business. Such as the non-powered bicycle, the sky mirror, the rainbow slide, the multi person swing, the swing bridge, the jumping cloud. They have a small footprint and are lightweight. Additionally, they’re easy to install, so you don’t have to spend a lot of effort. And they are all non-powered attractions that do not require careful inspection and testing of runs before passengers play every day. What’s more, they are suitable for most people, including kids, adults and some older people. Also, these projects are for family to play together. Besides, they are not only suitable for scenic spots, but can also be built on outdoor playgrounds, parks, indoor fairgrounds, etc.

Non-powered bikes, interesting small venues scenic spot amusement facilities

non-electric 360 degree bycicle

The construction of non-powered bicycle

Non-powered bicycle is a small venues scenic spot amusement facilities of convenient transportation and installation. It is with a small footprint and simple construction. it is made of iron rings and bicycles, and bicycle is fixed to the axis. Its outer ring is made of wood. The rider can rotate the bike 360 degrees by riding it in the iron circle. If they ride fast, they’ll be upside down in it. In addition, it has seat belts to prevent people from falling at the highest point in the ring. By riding it, people could experience the similar pleasure of playing with a big pendulum. And its speed is controlled by the passenger.

Where can it be invest in and what age can people ride it?

Although it is small in size, it is very exciting and fun. In addition, it can also be built on outdoor playgrounds, parks, indoor fairgrounds, etc.

Kids could also ride it. Additionally, we provide other kids amusement projects.

The popular small venues scenic spot amusement facilities – the sky mirror

Sky Mirror is one of the recently popular small venues scenic spot amusement facilities. It is composed of dozens of mirrors which are on a large iron plate. And it is often placed in scenic spots with gorgeous view. Sky mirror could reflect the spectacular scenery of the scenic spots and clouds of blue sky.

The material of the glass

In addition, its glass is not the ordinary glass on the market, but a new type of glass manufactured by composite processing. The glass is made by the process of one-way perspective glass and ordinary ultra-white glass. And sky mirror needs to be laid on flat ground.

beautiful sky mirror

It is a good place to take photos

When tourists walk on it, the blue sky and white clouds will be reflected at the foot. what’s more, the photos of this scene will be very good-looking, so it is a good place to take photos by tourists. It is a wonderful project for kids and family.

double rainbow slide

Rainbow slide suitable for small venues

Rainbow slide is also an attraction suitable for small venues. However, it need to be build in sloped sites, such as small hills. We could design the height and length of it according to your venue. It is colorful and exciting, making even small venues fun. Rainbow slide is with styles with or without waves, you can choose according to your needs. It is also a popular project among kids and family.

Soft elastic fun bouncy cloud

The bouncy cloud as one of small venues scenic spot amusement facilities, is similar to a trampoline. This project is suitable for children and adults to play. Also, it is a project that is suitable for family to play together. People jump on it and get bounced. Its area can be large or small, from a few square meters to hundreds of square meters. We can design a bouncing cloud for you to fit the size of your venue.

Properties of bouncy clouds

Bouncing clouds don’t need to be powered. It is easy to install and requires little maintenance, because its material is PVC plated PVDF film, which is smooth and easy to clean. And it is of strong toughness so that it could carry a lot of people and is not easy to break. Buy it in your venue can make your venue more attractive.

air pillow trampoline

Multiplayer swings for sale for small venues

The multi people swing is one of the small venues scenic spot amusement facilities that can be used by many people at the same time. People can stand or sit on it and rock at the same time. You could choose to place an air cushion under it or not, that depends on the style you purchase. For seated version, it is more safe so you don’t need to place it. For standing version, you had better to place it.

The swing occupies a small area and is played by the visitors themselves. The construction of it is simple. And it doesn’t require electricity or a Toll Gate. In addition, it requires very little maintenance. As it is smaller than most of other amusement facilities, transportation of it is convenient. Putting it in the scenic spot can also add interest to your scenic spot, and you don’t need to check it often.

It’s a great project for the whole family to play.

Buy a very interesting suspension bridge for your business

Swing bridge is one of small venues scenic spot amusement facilities that allows many people to swing around at the same time. People who fall off the bridge will fall on the air cushion. People need to walk from one end of the bridge to the other, and the winner is the one who can finish it or keep the last one. It has a small footprint, simple construction and is easy to assemble and transport. On both sides of the bridge are iron piers, and the deck is made of wood, cloth and plastic. We can set the length of the deck according to the size of your site. This project is suitable for kids and adults, and is a great project for the whole family.

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