Christmas themed mini train rides for sale

Parameters of small railway mall train for sale

Properties Paramters
Track size 14*6m
Voltage 220V
Power 2KW
Capacity 16 passengers

Parameters of small trackless mall train rides

Product properties Parameters
Capacity 16-20 people
Locomotive Size 3*1.05*1.86 m
Cabin Size 1.62*0.98*1.97
Coal Bucket Size 1.5*1.05*1.09 m
Power 4 kw
Battery 5 pcs 12V 150A
Turning radius 3m
Volume 20GP(6m)

Train rides are a popular rides and can be found in many places, such as malls, fairgrounds, parks, carnivals, etc. And mall train for sale is convenient for buyers for mall train ride can drive them to any shops. Besides, mall train rides for sale can attract kids and bring extra revenue to your business. In addition, Shopping mall train for sale is suitable for a wide range of age group people.

As a professional manufacturer, we provide high quality yet economical mall train rides for sale. And our china train for shopping malls are of different sizes, styles and kinds. We offer small, medium and large sizes; trackless and rail kinds; rideable, cartoon, vintage, bullet styles, etc. What’s more, we make shopping mall trains rides carefully by our professional production team.


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How much does it cost to buy a train for malls?

Price range

$8800 – $11500

What are advantages of closed, semi-closed and opened mall train for sale?

We provide closed, semi-closed and opened shopping mall trains.

Closed and semi-closed shopping mall train are more suitable for kids because they can protect kids from jumping off the train. In addition, closed and semi-closed shopping mall train ride are equipped with air conditioners.

Opened shopping mall trains are more suitable for sightseeing, and riders can view the scenery from the train. So they are more invested in scenic spots and amusement parks.

Trackless or rail mall train for sale, which one do you want to buy?

Mall locomotive train rides with rail or trackless, are with their own advantages. Trackless in centre mall train can be driven everywhere, and are easily installed. In contrast, rail mall train rides can bring immersive experience to make riders feel as if they are riding on a real train.

Mall trackless train for sale

The body of shopping mall trackless train for sale are like real train and the wheels of them are more like cars. The driver can ride trackless mall train to tour around the mall without being limited by rails.

Besides, the speed of trackless mall train for sale is also adjusted freely.

What’s more, the installation of trackless mall train ride is also simple – you just need to connect cabins.

mini train for sale

Train at the mall with track

Railway train at mall are more like real trains, and can create immersive experience of riding a train. So they are popular among kids.

In addition, the speed is fixed. We can design the rail route according to your venue.

Who can ride the mall train for sale?

Mall train rides for sale are suitable for all ages, including kids, adults and the elders. They are family train for mall, so families can ride them together.

  • Why is train inside mall suitable for kids?

The seats of children mall train are soft and kids won’t get injured in kid train mall rides. Besides, we offer closed and semi-closed childrens train for sale for shopping mall for kids to prevent them from slipping from it. In addition, the kiddie mall train with track will deeply attract their eyes. When kids come to malls, they will be excitement.

  • How do mall trains for sale cater to adults?

The height of mall train rides sales can accommodate adults, and the styles can also cater to adults. When they don’t want to walk, they can ride the shopping mall train for sale to go shopping. Investing mall trains for sale for passengers in the mall not only improve customers experience but increase the revenue.

  • Can elders ride the shopping mall trains for sale?

Yes, elders can also ride the trains for sale for mall. The speed of trains for shopping malls for sale is not fast, and they has good braking performance. Thus, the elders won’t get injured. Besides, some elders may also not want to walk in the mall, so they can ride train for mall.

Large, medium and mini train for mall, which is suitable for your venue?

You can choose the different sizes of mall train for sale according to your venue or foot traffic. The differences include height, capacity, amount of seats and cabins, width of rails, etc.

Big mall train for sale

The big shopping mall train ride which is suitable for mall is trackless. Our super tackless train mall for sale include: 40, 56, 70 seats. They are suitable for venues with high foot traffic and large sized venue.

white attractive tourist train

Medium trains for malls

The medium mall train rides for sale include: 27, 36 seats. They cater to most venues.

Mini train in mall for sale

Tiny train for sale in mall include: 16, 20, 24 seats. They are suitable for small and low foot traffic venue.

trackless train rides for sale
Super Wings electric trackless train ridesSuper Wings electric trackless train rides

Rideable, Thomas, vintage, bullet styles mall train for sale…which do you want to buy?

We provide various styles of trains shopping mall for sale. For example, ride on; cartoon – Thomas; vintage; bullet style; sea;

Ride on trains for malls

Riders can ride on the rideable trains for malls, which add more fun to your mall. Compared with classic style, ride on style shopping mall ride on train are with more excitement for riders need to hold on the safety bar tightly. However, the speed of ride on train life size for sale mall is not fast so the riders will be safe.

Thomas electric trackless train ride

Thomas train mall amusement ride for sale

We also provide various cartoon themed mall locomotive train rides. Among them, the Thomas themed reackless mall train is the most popular. They are childlike and can attract many kids.

Vintage shopping mall trains for sale

Besides, we also provide vintage locomotives mall trains for sale. They are with antique colors and patterns. Besides, we can add chimney to it to make it look more like a real train.

Amusement Park Vintage Tourist Train Rides for Sale
high speed train themed train rides

Mall bullet train for sale

It is a new style mall train rides which looks like a high-speed rail train. We can design it into cabin style or rideable style.

Sea themed train ride at the mall

The sea themed train ride in mall are small. They are with dolphin-shaped locomotive and other seashores model. And we can design the rail or trackless sea train ride mall.

sea train ride with track
Xmas train rides with rail for sale

Christmas mall train for sale

The Christmas train mall can bring more festival mood to your mall. So, mall Christmas train is a hot seller before Christmas.

Customized service of mall trains

We can customize the appearance, sizes, kinds, styles of shopping center train cars according to your needs or your venue. No matter what kind of requirements you put forward, we will try our best to meet them.

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