Product properties Parameters
Area Size ∅3m*3mH – ∅12m*4mH
Voltage 380V
Power 4-11KW
Capacity 3-40 passengers
Volume 20 – 40GP(6m)

Recently, indoor carousel becomes popular and are widely invested in many venues. Such as indoor playgrounds, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, and so on. As a amusement ride suitable for all ages, they can attract many tourists. Are you looking for enchanting, high quality yet affordable indoor carousel for sale? Then you may learn more about our indoor merry go round. We provide indoor carousel ride sale in various themes and different sizes. Besides, we can customize them according to your needs. In addition, we manufacture them by our factory, and use top-notch materials.

Besides, we also provide outdoor carousels for sale.


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What sized indoor carousel for sale are suitable for indoor venues?

We provide small, medium and large indoor commercial carousel for sale with different sizes and amounts of seats.

Small indoor carousels for sale: 3, 6 seats

Mini carousel horse for sale are very small and they are for little kids. The styles of them are generally cartoon, cute and imaginative which cater to kids’ preferences. Besides, we can customize the style according to your requirement.

Besides, they are very safe for the height of them are 2.6-2.8. And the seat height of them are not high so kids can easily sit on them without injury risk.You may invest them in small places such as small malls, restaurants etc.

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Medium indoor carousels for sale: 12, 16 seats

They are suitable for all ages. And the style is conventional and suitable for all groups of people. Additionally, we can customize the style according to your requirement.

Moreover, each seat can afford two people, so they are suitable for families or couples to ride together. And you can be assured of their quality.

What’s more, they are popular among investors for their proper sizes and seats. And they can be invested in more venues than small carousel horses for sale.

Large carousel horses for sale : 24, 36, 40 seats

24 and 36 seats indoor merry go round horse for sale is single-decker. And 40 seats carousel horse sale are double-decker.

Large horse carousel for sale is also suitable for all ages. We provide conventional style indoor merry go round horses for sale which suitable for all people. Besides, we can customize the style of them.

In addition, they are also suitable for families and couples. And each seat can afford 2 people. They are more suitable for large venues like indoor playgrounds, large amusement, etc.

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Who can ride the indoor carousel rides for sale?

Indoor horse merry go round for sale is suitable for all ages, including kids, adults, and <70 years old seniors. And they are family-friendly.

What styles of indoor carousel for sale do we offer?

We provide various styles and themes of indoor merry-go-round. For example, vintage, cartoon, sea, animal, luxury and Christmas.

Indoor vintage carousel horse for sale

Indoor vintage merry go round for sale are not only popular among kids but adults. They can recall the childhood memory of adults while bring aesthetic pleasure. Their luxury and dedicated European-style patterns attract people a lot.

36 seats classic carousel
large sea carousel with seats in various shape

Sea indoor spinning horse ride - a magic world

Indoor sea horse spinning ride for sale provides a lot of fun to people, making them feel as if they are swimming. Various seashores such as dolphins, seahorses and sea lions can deeply attract kids and give them space to imagine.

Christmas indoor carousel ride - happy holiday wood

Indoor Xmas horse carousel ride can bring festival mood to riders, so they are popular with investors in the run-up to Christmas. Indoor Christmas carousel for sale gave investors huge gains over Christmas.

Christmas carousel for sale
medium fairy tale carousel

Cartoon indoor carousel horses for sale

Kids are always easily attracted by things with cartoon patterns. So we provide cartoon style spinning horse ride. They are in pink and with some cute characters, which are childlike.

How do we manufacture indoor carousels for sale for our clients?

We manufacture them by our factory, and use high quality materials. And the manufacturing process is strictly regulated. As a reliable manufacturer, we have a dedicated and professional manufacturing team, and standard production environment.

Materials of indoor carousel for sale:

We use FRP, international standard steels and old brand paint.

FRP: We use multi-layer fiberglass and polyester resin to make merry go round horses for sale. To make robust FRP, we don’t add talcum powder to it, which is often added to FRP to make it look thick yet easy to break.

International standard steels: we use international standard steels to make the structure. And each steel plate are with unique serial number.

Paint: we paint carousel horses for sale by an old brand paint – 51 paint. This kind of paint is smooth, bright, durable, and non-toxic. Besides, to prevent the primer from showing through, we will paint it multiple times. So if the surface paint peels off, you can polish it with gauze and the color will still be bright and new.

details of manufacturing the seats of the sea carousel
the frame of the carousel

Manufacturing Process:

The production process is under strictly regulated. We use many technologies to test the horse carousel for sale, such as magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing, and penetrant reagents. Besides, the carousel animals for sale will be tested before leaving the factory.

Company strength:

As a professional manufacturer, we have with about 21 years of manufacturing experience. In addition, we have a factory over about 20,000 m², 11 workshops and 90+ workers.

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